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Hitomi Winery / Shiga, Japan
The appeal of this wine is that it pursues "Japanese-style winemaking" rather than "imitation of European wines." They offer wines with a variety of flavors, some with a lemon-like aroma, others with a fresh muscat-like aroma, and so on. It is truly a winery full of "curiosity." Winemaker Sakon says, "After much experimentation, we realized that the taste of unfiltered wine in tank is the one we want to share with our customers." Produced in small quantities of 1,000 bottles of each label, unfiltered only, the winery has been making wines with 100% Japanese grapes since 1994. The founder of Hitomi winery opened a museum to display his art collection. He started making wine with the dream of "creating a place where people can appreciate art works and chat over a glass of wine."

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