Our team consists Thai and Japanese with different back ground on each, like professional cook, writer, accountant and logistics.  We try to create new dining scene with our outstanding craft sake and natural wine. We often have pop-up events, private dining caterings and tastings so please follow us :)

We are such importers in Bangkok!


    What we would love to share is not only beautiful bottles but also the stories and passion behind them. We know they work with nature, take care of grapes and rice whole year, harvest it in a super hot day, ferment it in cold day and finally they get their product like their baby once a year. We get the button of passion, make it bigger and pass it to you!

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    They preserve the environment of raising raw materials so that wine and sake making will not cease in their generation, while following the old technology, always try to create new products without forgetting innovation and improve the working environment and make a wine and sake making one of the dream job among young people


    Our products are produced with environment-friendly methods that lead to improved soil quality and better nutritional content. Healthy soil and dirt that contains more beneficial organisms has more protection against mold and other harmful microbes, plus it leads to wines having more unique, complex and interesting tastes.

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