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Our Producers


Weingut Huber

“I am the 10th generation of this winery, but I’d like to minimize damage to nature and land as much as possible, if there were no ancestors, and proper wine and land making, I was not here.” Markus Huber, who awarded as “Best White Wine Producer”in 2006, and awarded as” Best of Austria “in 2016 shows us his great wines are connected to environment which we passed from ancestor.


Heidi Schröck

Heidi Schröck who was selected and acted as Wine queen is a pioneer who made foundation that female brewers can play active. Heidi’s wine is very soft and delicate. “It is probably because of hand picking, perhaps because stirring is also scooping by hand without pumping,” she says.  Her sweet wines are beautiful beyond words.



"While graduating from law school and walking career as a consultant, I always loved wine and passed the sommelier test. And my dream of becoming a winemaker came true which had been a dream for over 20 years!" Christian told me. His wine making is natural and logical. He tries to find his own way where wine is as lively as possible.  



Triebaumer is a legendary family in Austria and in Natural wine field, everyone knows and highly respects them. They established in 1691 and have been continuing artisans and small farming with great care of their ancestors and soils. Keeping sheep in the vineyards, putting beehives, planting various trees, and even making sustainable energy from photovoltaics creates their gorgeous wines. 



Exactly like Tomoaki’s words, “We want to find more colorful way of expressing acidity”, their sake is juicy, has aroma like tropical fruits but because of sharp acidity, it will be perfect drink during the meal. Now they collaborate with lumberjack and challenge for sustainable forestry around the area with using Yoshino cider wood as fermentation tank and so on.



Their Sake is really classic with using old technique Kimoto, which collects yeast of the air. Their Sake is lean but strong so that they do normally aging for two years. “Our brand name “Hioki” meaning “the more it spends time, better it tastes” Masanori said. Their sake shows what Sake should be, more you drink, more you love.


Hitomi winery

Hitomi winery has been making wines use 100% Japan origin grape since 1994. Their wines are all unfiltered and have a wide range of tastes from unexpectedly lemony one to fresh muscat like aroma - real Japanese wine. They started wine making for their art museum, where people can chat with their wine.



HOSHIKO is an artisanal liqueur created by the legendary bartender, called "Danny". Aiming to make a world famous liqueur from Japan, it has selected Ume plum, no additives and limited production. Because of Danny's immoderate passion, it took TWENTY-SIX years (!) to reach what he thought was the perfect creation. 


Bioweingut MORITZ

Moritz, a wine artist who works on all processes just by himself on land of only 3ha. His wine is very natural, he plants leguminous plants for bees, tries to create a comfortable environment not only for humans but also for a diverse ecosystems. “When birds eat grapes, it’s okay because we have enough, so we share it with everyone.” He laughs and told me. 



“We try to make new style sake to reach people who don’t really drink it before, with using super traditional, manual and slow way” Soichiro told us. Their traditional method "Bodaimoto" is revived by the last master brewer. He has found the ancient document created their way of Bodaimoto, the most natural way of making.



They only focusing on fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized sake. They use extremely hard water comes from their well, so their sake became crunchy, lively and fruity. “The reason why we could have kept up 300 years of sake making is not because we make same sake as old time, but we keep changing with the times” they challenges with old knowledge and high-tech facility.



They have over 460 years of history and they’ve been always very important and leader in their region. 15th generation Yasunobu became also a leader of young farmers to revive growing ancient rice of this region, and also they start growing organic rice. This factory was loved by many people, like the world known artist Rosanjin, who was also known as bon vivant, and this label’ s calligraphy -Shichihonyari is his work.

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